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Reading QR Codes Online using

  1. list icon Start by uploading your QR code image through the IMGCentury QR Code Reader Tool. The name of the uploaded QR code image will be displayed next to the upload button.
  2. list icon Once your image is uploaded, the tool will attempt to read the QR code. Note that QR codes with a clear, non-transparent background provide the best readability.
  3. list icon While transparent background QR codes can be challenging to read, color QR codes are still readable. Ensure your QR code does not blend into the background for optimal results.
  4. list icon After the QR code is successfully read, the content will be displayed. You can view the results immediately on the screen.
  5. list icon Should you encounter any issues or wish to scan another QR code, simply click the 'Clear All' button to reset the settings and upload a new image.

IMGCentury- Key Features:

  • Unlimited Compressions - Unlimited Compressions.
  • 100% Privacy & Secured - 100% Privacy & Secured.
  • Fast Compressions - Fast Compressions.
  • Unlimited Images - Unlimited Images.
  • Powerful Compressor - Powerful Compressor.
  • Friendly UI - Friendly UI.

The QR Code Reader tool provides a reliable platform for decoding your QR codes. It's designed to read QR codes with solid backgrounds Effectively, while transparent background QR codes might present challenges. Color QR codes are fully supported, ensuring a versatile QR decoding experience. Start by uploading your QR code image to see its name for reference.

How to Use for Reading QR Codes:

  • Upload the QR code image you want to decode.
  • Confirm the image name displayed for reference.
  • Ensure your QR code has a clear, non-transparent background for optimal reading. Transparent backgrounds may hinder the reading process.
  • Color QR codes are supported and can be read effectively using our tool.
  • After uploading, the tool will automatically attempt to read the QR code.
  • View the decoded information immediately upon successful reading.
  • Use the 'Clear All' button to reset the process, removing the uploaded QR code image and any displayed results.

Note: The QR code reading process at is streamlined for ease of use, offering accurate and rapid decoding. However, the readability can be impacted by the QR code's background clarity and transparency levels.



Unlimited Compressions

Compress your images effortlessly with our IMGCentury Image Compressor tool. Enjoy unlimited usage and convert & compression of your images to high-quality Any format.



Experience swift and powerful image compression with our tool! The processing prowess ensures that compressing your selected images takes minimal time.


High Security

Rest easy knowing that your images are in safe hands. Our commitment to security means that we never upload your images to any servers. Your privacy is a top priority.

Multiple Files Capacity

Multiple Files Capacity

Say goodbye to tedious, one-by-one conversions/compressions and embrace the simplicity of compressing multiple images at once.


Best User Friendly

Enjoy an easy and straightforward process to compress your images to Any effortlessly.


Most Powerful Tool

Accessing our Image processing tool is a seamless experience, available online for users across the Internet.


Works Offline

You can use our image compression tool even if you dont have interner. We uses WASM AI to make compressions offline.


Adjustable Compression

You can have the power of compression quality in your hands! Simply adjusting the slider will adjust the output compression quality.


Bulk Downloading

You can download multiple files as a one output zip file. Extract the zip file to get the compressed images individually.