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Adjusting HSL to Image Online using

  1. list icon Begin by uploading your image through the IMGCentury HSL Adjustment Tool. The uploaded image's name will be displayed adjacent to the upload button.
  2. list icon Enter the editing mode, where you will find sliders for Hue, Saturation, and Luminance under the HSL adjustment section.
  3. list icon Adjust the 'Hue' slider to change the color tones across your image, providing a different color perspective.
  4. list icon Modify the 'Saturation' slider to alter the intensity of the image's colors, making them more vivid or more muted.
  5. list icon Use the 'Luminance' slider to adjust the brightness level, enhancing the overall lightness or darkness of your image.
  6. list icon After setting the HSL values to your preference, apply the adjustments to see the changes in real-time on your image.
  7. list icon Review the adjusted image and use the 'Download' button to save your HSL-modified image directly to your device.
  8. list icon If you wish to make different adjustments or reset the settings, click the 'Clear All' button to revert the changes and start afresh.

IMGCentury- Key Features:

  • Unlimited Compressions - Unlimited Compressions.
  • 100% Privacy & Secured - 100% Privacy & Secured.
  • Fast Compressions - Fast Compressions.
  • Unlimited Images - Unlimited Images.
  • Powerful Compressor - Powerful Compressor.
  • Friendly UI - Friendly UI.

The Adjust HSL to Image tool offers a sophisticated platform for modifying your images with Hue, Saturation, and Luminance (HSL) adjustments, providing a suite of customization options. Begin by uploading your image to view its name for reference. After adjusting the HSL settings to your preference, you can instantly preview the modified image.

How to Use for Adjusting HSL to Images:

  • Upload the image you wish to adjust HSL settings for.
  • Verify the image name displayed for reference.
  • Utilize customization options through the HSL adjustment tabs: "Adjust Hue," "Adjust Saturation," and "Adjust Luminance."
  • Alter the hue using the slider to change the color tone of the image.
  • Adjust the saturation to modify the color intensity of the image.
  • Tweak the luminance to control the brightness of the image.
  • Once you've set the desired HSL parameters, view the updated image immediately.
  • Preview your adjusted image and download it using the 'Download' button.
  • Employ the 'Clear All' button to restart the process, removing both the input image and any applied settings.

Note: The HSL adjustment process at is designed to be intuitive, offering precise control to achieve the desired effect on your image efficiently.



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Multiple Files Capacity

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Bulk Downloading

You can download multiple files as a one output zip file. Extract the zip file to get the compressed images individually.