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Split Images Online Using

  1. list icon Begin by uploading your image to the IMGCentury Splitting Tool. Once the upload is complete, the image name will be displayed.
  2. list icon After uploading, a customization window appears with options to split your image. You can choose to split the image vertically, horizontally, or in a grid pattern.
  3. list icon To split the image vertically, select the vertical option, specify your desired number of splits or pixel width, and click 'Split and Download' to process your image.
  4. list icon For horizontal splits, choose the horizontal option, define the split count or pixel height, and press 'Split and Download' to get your segmented image.
  5. list icon The grid option allows you to split the image both vertically and horizontally. After setting your preferences, click 'Split and Download' to initiate the download of your split images.
  6. list icon Use the 'Clear All' button to reset the adjustments and remove the uploaded image, starting fresh for new image splitting tasks.

IMGCentury- Key Features:

  • Unlimited Compressions - Unlimited Compressions.
  • 100% Privacy & Secured - 100% Privacy & Secured.
  • Fast Compressions - Fast Compressions.
  • Unlimited Images - Unlimited Images.
  • Powerful Compressor - Powerful Compressor.
  • Friendly UI - Friendly UI.'s Image Splitting tool provides a user-friendly platform for segmenting your images vertically, horizontally, or in a grid pattern, offering a streamlined yet versatile customization experience. Begin by uploading your image to access the array of splitting options available for precise image segmentation.

How to Split Images using

  • Start by uploading the image you intend to split.
  • The image name will be displayed for confirmation.
  • Upon successful upload, the customization interface will be presented.
  • In the 'Split Options' section, select your desired splitting mode: vertically, horizontally, or grid.
  • For vertical or horizontal splitting, specify the number of segments or choose to split by pixel dimensions.
  • Click the 'Split and Download' button to process and download your segmented image.
  • To modify another image or reset your adjustments, use the 'Clear All' button. This will refresh the interface and remove any current settings or images.

Note: Utilizing for image splitting ensures a straightforward editing process, enabling you to achieve detailed and custom segmented images with ease.



Unlimited Compressions

Compress your images effortlessly with our IMGCentury Image Compressor tool. Enjoy unlimited usage and convert & compression of your images to high-quality Any format.



Experience swift and powerful image compression with our tool! The processing prowess ensures that compressing your selected images takes minimal time.


High Security

Rest easy knowing that your images are in safe hands. Our commitment to security means that we never upload your images to any servers. Your privacy is a top priority.

Multiple Files Capacity

Multiple Files Capacity

Say goodbye to tedious, one-by-one conversions/compressions and embrace the simplicity of compressing multiple images at once.


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Enjoy an easy and straightforward process to compress your images to Any effortlessly.


Most Powerful Tool

Accessing our Image processing tool is a seamless experience, available online for users across the Internet.


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You can use our image compression tool even if you dont have interner. We uses WASM AI to make compressions offline.


Adjustable Compression

You can have the power of compression quality in your hands! Simply adjusting the slider will adjust the output compression quality.


Bulk Downloading

You can download multiple files as a one output zip file. Extract the zip file to get the compressed images individually.